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Harry Potter
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Made the terrible mistake of not going to Border's until 11:45. Didnt get my book until 2. Came home and read until 5, at which point I could not stay awake any longer, and slept until 11:30. Woke up, resumed reading, Finished at 5pm or so.

I think most of us know that JK Rowling is not an amazing writer. An amazing STORYTELLER, yes, but not a great writer. I thought pretty much all of the deaths, which were supposed to be tragedies, were emotionally underdeveloped. By a lot. As I read scenes where characters died, I would kind of think "oh, that's sad", but I definitely didn't have a screaming, crying, emotional breakdown like when Sirius died. The saddest part of the book, for me, the only part I really cried hard at, was seeing Snape's memories, and maybe a little when Dumbledore appeared to Harry in a...dream or whatever it was. It was the only part that had ANY EMOTIONAL WEIGHT AT ALL--it was the only thing Harry reacted to, it was the only thing that seemed like Rowling actually cared to write more than a fucking sentence about.
(But even Harry's magical transformation to a Snape lover was underdeveloped. It's like, you see the memories, things are sad and begin to make sense, and then Harry's just like "jk lol ilu" without any thought toward the fact that Snape was a total ASS to him for six years? And tried to kill his godfather? Fucking SERIOUSLY?)

Other assorted complaints:
- As lizzypaul pointed out, the way JK treated Tonks was fucking ridiculous. She went from being an ass-kicking Auror to her entire storyline consisting of getting pregnant and then dying.
- Ron was more annoying than ever. He treated Hermione like some delicate rose whom he could flirtily manipulate. I've always HATED Ron, but I was very disappointed that he didn't die. At least then maybe it would've shown that he wasn't a perpetually jealous, emotionally idiotic, ignorant waste of space. God, Hermione is just so much BETTER than all of that, and I hate that she became this emotionally pliant, weepy wimp.
- There was a shitton of backstory. I mean, there always is, but this one was especially convoluted, I thought. Especially when things were getting explained at the end, and it was like...mother's protection/horcrux/wand/scar business. It was like puzzle pieces rained from the sky and I had to put the book down and put them together before I could move on. Plus all the weird Dumbledore shit that got thrown in, and it was just too much.

Things that were cool:
- Neville. I don't think I have to say any more. And McGonagall at the end.
- The final duel thing. Especially Harry's taunting (calling by muggle name = burn), and Mrs. Weasley finally being a total badass instead of a stereotypical clucky hen mummy figure.
- The Bathilda Bagshot scene was very creepy. In a good way. I mean, bad that Harry almost died, but awesome. Possessed snakes coming out of corpses and suffocating the protagonist? Sweet.
- Draco not being as evil as previously portrayed. He came off as a scared little boy who didn't really WANT to be on Voldemort's side. As a former D/H shipper, I knew the whole time that he was sensitive and damaged, deep inside.
- Aww, Kreacher! I didn't think I could ever come to love Kreacher, but I totally did.

In conclusion: Not my favorite HP book. Not my least favorite (because seriously, Goblet of Fire was just boring), but definitely not my favorite. I thought the epilogue was stupid. It was just stupid. And cheesy. Like, who the fuck thinks Albus Severus Potter is a SENSICAL name? And SCORPIUS Malfoy?
What I liked so much about books 3 and 5 was the emotional development. In the former, Harry discovers tons of repressed emotions about home and family, and in the latter, Harry struggles with his burdensome destiny and romance and all sorts of other heavy shit. And this book was emotionally dead. So, that's my take.

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I agree about the deaths. They didn't have any impact. Though I did cry a little when Dobby died. Which was weird, because I never really liked Dobby. But I thought his death was really well done.

And I think my favorite part of the book was when Harry was seeing Snape's memories. I'm so glad that Snape didn't turn out to be evil, that his character had some depth.

Yeah, the pensieve chapter was really good, and I'm glad Snape had some depth too...but I hate that Harry just chose to ignore all the other sketchy shit Snape did (like taking off George's ear, for example) and started waxing poetic about how Snape was the bravest man he ever knew.

yeah, but the taking off george's ear was an accident, because he was trying to get a death eater, right? did I read that wrong?

No, Snape WAS one of the death eaters, trying to chase down a decoy Harry. (Though it does make sense that he'd use sectumsempra, because it's a non-fatal spell, and if he thought George was Harry he obviously wouldn't want to kill him.)

I just looked it up, at the bottom of page 688. He was trying to save Lupin by taking off the wand hand of a death eater but hit george instead.

I am such a dork.

God you are so much better at articulating things than I am. I agree 100% with EVERYTHING you say. I could not figure out what was bothering me so much about DH but you're right, it's the total lack of emotion I felt during it because everything was just breezed over. And the backstory stuff, UGH, you're so right! It was too much in one chapter--it needed to extend over a long period of time. And yes, the sudden Snape+Harry=love was completely ridiculous.

Still, the worst for me was the epilogue. It was retarded. Just fucking retarded.

I don't know if it's my least favorite HP book--it's been a long time since I've read the first three--but it's down there.
I really didn't like the fact that they weren't at Hogwarts. I enjoy reading about Hogwarts, their schoolmates, the ghosts, the Great Hall, the passwords, the paintings, EVERYTHING about Hogwarts so much and all of that was just gone.

I totally think you should make this post public so I can link it to my journal and be all like "What she said."

Haha, okay, I will public-ify it. But yeah, this book reminded me a lot of Goblet of Fire (except less interesting) in that it was SLOW AS FUCK and had a ton of backstory and strange little plot culs-de-sac that don't go anywhere.

I mean, I think it had a lot of redeeming qualities, but overall it was just frustrating to realize that this is the last book that we waited so long for. Maybe anything was going to fall short of expectations, but seriously, this book had problems.

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