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gop morality?
I think everyone on this side of the pond should see this. Because Keith Olbermann is right. Watching this made me so angry that I cried, so angry that it was physically painful. There's just no excuse. None. This, in conjunction with the blanket assertion of executive privilege to circumvent damning information of wrongdoing, with flagrant manipulation and misuse of intelligence ... at which point does it become too much? Have the American people really been so disenfranchised, so jaded, that they'll sit by and let this shit continue to happen for the next year and a half? We are being profoundly disrespected, and it enrages me. It should enrage you too.

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Wow. That's pretty powerful. Thanks for posting it, I'm glad to have seen someone really saying what needs to be said.

Hi. Sorry to comment on your personal journal, I reached it through the pregnancy community (I noticed your Janice Dickinson icon). I watched this video and SO agree with it.
I may get spanked for this, but I voted for Bush in 04. He has lost all credibility with me since then. I just couldn't see how Kerry could be any better- well now I know, and now I understand the sentiment "Anybody but Bush". This Libby thing was definitely the last straw. Aren't Republicans supposed to be about minimization of government, and accountability of government? It gets scarier and scarier with this administration, especially as we gear up to launch into war with Iran.
Sorry for the mini rant. The video DID enrage me.

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